Providing a series of hosting services arranging from shopping mall construction, marketing promotion, E-commerce training, planning & packaging, hosting by customer service, distribution management, consulting service, daily operation management of shop, data analysis optimization and warehouse logistics management, etc. and conducting a package of hosting operation services.
For enterprises who hope to establish their own independent and mature electronic commerce operating team and not to merely rely on the hosting services, our company provides one-to-one consulting service in combination with the existing level, products and industrial features of the demander and we also provide suggestions and solutions on strategy and guide and resolutions at operation level.
Millions of electricity supplier has collected hundreds of senior engineers who worked in Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu and other companies, professional technical director of more than 10 years experience in the industry, and the industry's top designer UI development enterprises and government departments; OA system, mobile commerce solutions, LBS solutions, IM real time communication O2O, business system, catering industry solutions, cars, real estate industry solutions, such as various types of industry custom APP. The integration of the mobile Internet can provide exclusive solutions for customers .
Providing comprehensive training service on marketing, promotion and operation of E-commerce for enterprises and individuals, aiming to train the excellent E-commerce talents who not only fully understand the current E-commerce industry, but also master the abilities of promotion, operation and practice for multi-platform and multi-engine at the same time. The excellent lecturers at colleges of Taobao, senior Taobao sellers and experts of search engine optimization, etc. will serve as the trainers.